Monday, March 4, 2013

The puzzle pieces of life are coming together

Unfortunately, I have no great updates on the divorce proceedings, except that my sister has offered to loan me the money I'll need. (THANK YOU!!!!)

However, I have been focusing a lot on how to get my life back in order. Here are some of the puzzle pieces:

Goals to meet:
Before moving to live on my own, I need to have accomplished this list:
All debts paid off, except maybe the car loan
The car fixed so it's safe and in good running condition
At least 10 students to tutor every week
$2,000 in the bank as just in case money

My main income will be tutoring. Beyond that, I'll be making a little money where I can including
Freelance writing, especially on Elance
Money-making apps. Someone posted a list of these on Facebook. I'll post it tomorrow.
Swagbucks,, and

My health and my desire to stay home with my daughter as much as possible are preventing me from finding a traditional job. I want to raise my daughter, not day care, not a friend, and not a relative. That is my dream, and thankfully, God is showing a way. Tutoring is something I enjoy, and yet it also brings good money. I can envision my life, and I like what I see. If anyone has ideas for how to find a students to tutor, please email me or leave a comment below. As always, thank you for your prayers.

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