Monday, March 25, 2013

Do what's best, not what's easy

I watched a documentary the other day that was talking about food, but I found one part of it that I have applied to much of my life. They said that as part of our human nature, we go for the easier road, even if that means it's the worst option for us. That was one thing that really stuck out to me, though it was a small point in the whole documentary. As I was thinking about it, I came up with this concise phrase: "Do what's best, not what's easy."

I've found that this little sentence has really helped me in many of my daily tasks, especially as I fight depression. It's so easy to do a slip-shod job or let things slide entirely. This reminder has helped me improve much of my life. Things are cleaner, I'm eating better, and I am not procrastinating!

The neat thing is that this has really brightened my mood! I'm happier without an unending list of things I didn't do trailing behind me as I gaze at the growing list of things yet to be done. It's nice to be able to walk unencumbered, knowing that things are done well when they need to be done. It's put a lightness to my step and seems to have brightened my days. I literally notice the sun more!

Did I mention that I'm eating better? Remember my goal to gain weight? It's rough getting all those calories in a safe way, especially because I'm also endeavoring to eat more fruits and vegetables. Today, I haven't even had dinner, and yet I'm less than 300 calories away from my goal. I'm embarrassed to actually admit not just to you, but to myself, that part of my problem with gaining weight was sheer laziness. Isn't that terrible? I shudder at the realization. But there it is, the hard truth. Perhaps now that I'm deciding to do what's best and not what's easy, I'll be able to gain weight very soon.

It's amazing how vicious a cycle depression is. You're depressed, so you let daily tasks slide. Those daily tasks constantly nag you, and you're more depressed, so you do less. It's a terribly sticky mud that you soon discover is sinking sand. Praise God for throwing me a vine. I had to pass it on!

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