Friday, March 29, 2013

What's so good about Good Friday?

I heard a phenomenal message this past Sunday. Because of the importance of the anonymity, I cannot share the preacher's name or the church. However, I had to share his sermon. I'm been thinking about it all week. May it make a positive impact on each of your lives as well.

Today is Good Friday. It is the day most of Christians set aside to celebrate Christ's sacrifice. It is in memory of the day He died. But He died a gruesome death. He was beaten, mocked, and mercilessly killed despite the fact that He was completely innocent. Even a convicted thief defended Him against another. The three were on the cross. The first mocked Him and the second defended our Lord, stating that they deserved their punishment, but this Man had done nothing to deserve crucifixion.

Even a Roman guard admitted, "Surely this Man was the Son of God." But it was too late. By this time, Christ's body lay limp, mangled, and beaten to the point that it was not recognizable. Good Friday? Our Savior suffered a terribly painful death in the face of mockery.

He could have silenced their cruel mockery in an instant and halted the pain. He didn't, and that's why this day is celebrated. He would have been completely justified in stopping his execution and condemning the masses then and there. He had done nothing wrong.

He continued on for your sake and for mine. He who knew no sin became sin for us and took upon Himself the death of the cross. Through His death, we may have life eternal. Through His torment, we have peace. Through His death, we have newness of life.

That is why it is a good Friday. He gave everything so we could have life fully, so that we would never know the condemnation for our sins. So that we would forever be justified in the eyes of a righteous God. Christ died that we may live.

Today, may you and I remember the suffering of our God so that we can live. May we each at least thank Him today for everything He went through.

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