Saturday, March 30, 2013

A time of fear

Their leader had not only died, but He had been crucified. The twelve disciples and other followers of Jesus must have been horribly confused and very scared. If Jesus had been killed, would they be next?

There are times in our life when everything seems wrong. It may even seem like God Himself has deserted you. The disciples surely felt this way. Peter had denied Jesus. My heart aches at the thought. They had so many reasons to fear, and yet they had none.

God Himself had walked with them, told them of His death and resurrection. They had seen miracle after miracle, yet fear broke their faith. I imagine many of us think that we would do better than they did, but I know we wouldn't.

God has given us each promises. In times of difficulty, do we cling to His promises or do we cling to fear? Personally, I have seen Him perform miracles in my own life. Yet in this difficult circumstance, I must fight fear and fend off depression. We are flesh, and so were the disciples.

There is a good ending, of course, but these days must have seemed like years. They lived in hiding, denying Jesus and just hoping to survive. This is such a different picture than the disciples showed later. Once they clung to faith, they were fearlessly preaching Jesus, and they died for it, but Jesus was preached!

Although this all has to do with events after the resurrection, I'm going to share it here. I have a link that tells how the disciples died. As I read it, I'm overwhelmed with just how much faith they have. May I have such a faith! Enjoy!

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