Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Music helps, so thank you.

Dear friends,

After my post yesterday, three people sent different songs to me. They were all soothing reminders of God's hand in my life. I listened to them all multiple times. I cannot tell you how much that means to me.

I'll go ahead and share them with you all, and ask that if you can think of a soothing song to help deal with grief, leave it in the comments or email them to me. Thank you all, again.

Blessings by Laura Story

Beautiful by MercyMe

Grace by SoundForth

I also had people share Bible verses and have decided to make a notebook of all the verses I receive from my readers.

My favorite gift has been the friends I've made through this. Ok, really, I've made one new amazing friend, and other friendships have been deepened. If you've reached out to me, I greatly appreciate it!!

The most influential gift I have received is all the prayer. I started this blog so that people could pray with knowledge. So if you are visiting my blog just to see the prayer requests, thank you!

I don't know if I know you, but I do appreciate you. Thank you for stopping by, and have a blessed day!

Just Me

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  1. Now you have requested something that I am very passionate about. Healing music.... Prepare yourself for this. When life gets me down, I turn on the radio and jam. Most of the time I listen to k-love radio or a similar station. Once in a while I feel like I was MEANT to hear a song. Sort of God speaking to me through the lyrics. I hope that this list will help you as much as it has helped me.
    1. Worn Tenth Avenue North
    2. Cry out to Jesus Third Day
    3. What faith can do Kutless
    4. Stand Still The Isaacs
    5. He'll make a way The Crabb Family
    6. Tears are a language Amy Lambert
    7. There's only grace Matthew West (Especially the 2nd verse)
    8. Not for a moment (After All) Meredith Andrews
    9. Hold my heart Tenth Avenue North
    10. Healing hand of God Jeremy Camp
    11. Who am I Casting Crowns
    12. Praise you in this storm Casting Crowns
    13. Slow Fade Casting Crowns
    14. Love them like Jesus Casting Crowns
    15. Already there Casting Crowns
    16. Center of it Christ August
    17. Walk by faith Jeremy Camp
    18. Before the morning Josh Wilson
    19. Stronger Mandisa
    20. The hurt and the healer Mercy me
    21. In better hands Natalie Grant
    22. Safe Phil Wickham
    23. Healing begins Tenth Avenue North
    24. The healer Talley Trio
    25. God on the mountain The McKameys
    26. I keep praying The McKameys
    27. Unspoken request The McKameys
    28. Strong Enough Matthew West
    29. Hold Fast Mercy Me
    30. A greater yes The Whisnants
    I hope these help! I don't expect you to listen to them all at once. I figured it would take you a while. This is a list of my top 30 songs that help me when I am having it rough. Do me a favor and REALLY listen to the lyrics. Some of them are VERY powerful and moving. Praying for you and your family still.