Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Right Lawyer-- Moving Forward!!

I found my lawyer! She is committed to keeping my daughter safe, and she has a plan for how to do so! She explained some things to me, and corrected some misconceptions. I now believe my husband and I can come to an agreement and have an uncontested divorce! I am so relieved!

So here's the plan: we file for an uncontested divorce with my terms in it. The important one being that I get custody of my little girl. If he fights that point, it will certainly become a contested divorce, so pray that he gives me custody as he said he would. Because custody of my daughter will be requested to be awarded to me, if he ever does come and take her while the divorce is on-going, he won't get far. I can take the case to the court, and prove that before he took her, I was already concerned for her safety and had filed for custody.

So... then there is the issue of the six months waiting period. I am down to 5 months wait, but that's still 5 months away. She actually may have found a way around it! She is going to file for divorce, and then keep stalling it until the 6 months waiting period is over. She said it might get dismissed right away, but there's always a chance it goes through. It just depends on the judge. So, please pray that the right judge reviews the case.

She did say that if this case becomes contested, it's unlikely that the judge will grant any visitation rights. She said that most judges say that if a person needs supervised visitation, then they shouldn't have any visitation at all. She went on to say that he just sounds like a perpetrator. While he has done horrible things, I don't want to punish my daughter by not letting her know her dad. Please, again pray that this is uncontested. A contested divorce would mean going before a judge, which would almost certainly mean she would not know her dad at all.

The lawyer can get this started as soon as I give her a retainer of $2,500. I have applied for a credit card, but truly don't feel that being in debt is the way to start being a single mother. I am praying that God provides. Please pray with me and consider making a donation towards my daughter's safety.


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