Saturday, March 23, 2013

Freedom from pain

There are times when grief would threaten to swallow me whole. And it would succeed if I let it. I am really trying to ward off depression, and thought I would share my ideas with you on how to have freedom from pain. I know I'm not the only one who goes through hard times.

First, I allow myself to hurt, but not to wallow in the pain. Sometimes things are painful, and we need to feel pain for awhile. We're in trouble when we allow the pain to control us.

Second, I write. I sit down and write out every worry, fear, and trouble that I have. This keeps me from constantly churning in inwardly. It gets it out of my system. It's even better when I can write to someone. And God has provided a wonderful friend who not only listens to my rantings, but also tells me what I need to hear. She is a wonderful encouragement to me!

Third, I pray. I tell God the truth. I tell Him it hurts and it doesn't seem fair. I tell Him that I don't know what to do next, so He'd better lead. I ask Him to help me follow, and I thank Him for working all things for good.

Fourth, I sing. I haven't found much that soothes the soul like singing a soft and moving melody. It calms me from the inside out.

Fifth, I make my daughter smile. Her smile gets me going again. It's hard to feel down and out when she's laughing. I actually recorded her laughing, and made that my alarm. It's a blessing to wake up to her laughter.

Sixth, I plan for the future. I can get caught up on the hardships of the past. Rather than doing that, I press on to the future, and imagine the life I will have.

Perhaps you are facing something. I hope this list helps. Let me know what you do to free yourself from pain that would otherwise consume you. We don't have to live consumed by pain and bitterness. I am determined to be free from pain... eventually.

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