Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Buried in research

I am a research fiend, and the last few days, I have been buried in research. Planning a life from scratch is hard work, but I discovered that there are more possibilities than I could have ever imagined.

After discovering that I couldn't afford the mobile home community I found, I began searching for cheaper options. Everything was either to expensive or in terrible parts of town until I discovered building your own homestead. I found that people make homes out of shipping containers, wood, you name it! I was fascinated, but decided it wasn't right for me.

So then I decided to look for something in the size I wanted and the price range I needed. It was then that it dawned on me that I could go for small and affordable for a few years and transition to the size I wanted later.

I'm now looking for 1 bedroom apartments for less than $500/month, and I've found some very descent options! The days ahead will be focused on finding one, and I'll be living like a pauper until I get my car, but it is all doable. I think.

I'm still crunching numbers, but I'm encouraged that possibilities do exist. Praise God for that! Above all, I know that He will take care of me. I'm just not sure how at the moment. One step at a time. :)

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