Monday, March 18, 2013

The wide, wide world

When I first left state A, part of the thing that kept my spirits up was the knowledge of a fresh start. I could go anywhere! It was exhilarating and exciting!

Time has passed, and I've begun the process of elimination for the place that shall be home for my daughter and me. I had thought that I had found the perfect place, but I have discovered that there are more affordable options on the market.

I have mixed feeling about this realization. On the one hand, I have my pick of where to land. On the other, Wow! What a responsibility! I despise the cold, and I love the southeast, so I'm fairly certain I'll settle somewhere in the southeast. We shall see.

I would like my home to be settled in a small, quaint community that is no more than 30 minutes from a bustling metropolis. If I weren't looking at tutoring for my sustenance, I would be thrilled with living in the country. As it is, I must compromise and be just outside of city limits. This poses a problem, because most cities are still growing, so while I may find a quiet place now, 10 years from now, I may be in among the hubbub. It's a difficult thing to consider.

But, I do at least have rules for my ideal location.

1. It must be safe.

I will, after all, be a single mother with a baby girl. Absolutely no masculine presence to keep the wolves at bay. A small quiet town makes sense for this, but isn't a necessity, of course.

2. It must be warm.

I figure, not only do I despise the cold, but if I live in a more temperate climate, I'll save on heating bills as well. I don't mind the heat, so a hot summer doesn't scare me in the slightest.

3. It must be accessible to a large number of people.

People mean families, families mean children, and children mean tutoring possibilities. While it may be possible to glean clients from a small community, I will be more likely to find clients from a bustling metropolis.

4. I have preferences, but not necessities:
-- In the southeast
-- Near someone I know
-- Free activities my daughter and I can enjoy (ponds, parks, etc.)
-- A good church just around the corner
-- Everything for the mobile home would be $600 or less per month

I have a long time to consider my options and make a decision, and I have so many plausible options running through my head. It's kinda amusing. Only God can see the future, and as long as I'm doing all I can to do my best for my daughter and I, then I must trust that God will lead me to the perfect place for my little family. God leads. I just hope that I will know His hand and follow. This is one of the many reasons I must draw near to Him daily. God gives grace, and I praise Him for that! He will surely lead me home!

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