Counting Blessings

I have been so blessed through all this. As people share blessings with me, I will post them here in reverse chronological order so that the most recent are at the top of the page.

Thank you to:
My daughter for being such a sweetheart! She sure is a treasure!
My pastor for giving me the wise advise to "listen" to actions rather than words from my husband
The readers who email and comment to be an encouragement. I'm not alone. 
The wonderful church family who has taken me in and made me feel like I belong
Those who have offered to give clothes for my daughter just in time!
Friends who have kind and wise counsel to share when I need it.
The constant support I receive.
My brother for his constant positive spirit. He really helps battle the blues!
My daughter for being excited whenever I pick her up. What a precious gift!
My mom for asking me to help her in the yard. It was very therapeutic!
The person who reminded me that God has a purpose for the difficult things in my life.
The friend who cried for me, loves me, and posted a song just for me. If only we lived closer!
My mom for supporting me through this difficult time.
My grandma for her open arms and understanding spirit.
My sister for generously loaning me the money to pay the lawyer.
My reader and friend who read my blog and sent me the link for the 100 day plan.
The  person who told me I am a wonderful mom for protecting my daughter. Her words still help!
My reader who thought of me and sent me a writing job. Thank you!!!
The friend who is teaching me to trust again, even though she doesn't know it. I love our emails!
My friend who said (& meant) that I can call any time, even 6:00 am on your day off.
My wonderful friend who called at just the right time... Are you sure you're not an angel?
The friends who have given me incredible advice about tutoring lately
The fellow "potsie" who sent the gatorade packets. It's incredible to not need IVs!
The kind people who mail me coupons.
The thoughtful family member who sent pants for my baby as well as a book of encouragement.
The friend who sent me with a box brimming with clothes for my baby girl.
Those who have told me that I have been a blessing to them. I love seeing good come from all this!
The lawyer who gave me her time freely and waived the $150 consulting fee.
The man who gave me a huge stack of coupon inserts and some Christian CDs.
The lady who has been emailing me and encouraging me. You have been a huge blessing.
Those who made my birthday special, especially my mom, but all who contributed
My friends who have upheld me in prayer and have been calling me with encouragement.
My family for all their support, and a safe place to keep my daughter.
My mom for providing a home and a safe haven.
The family in state A who were so supportive as I was in the throws of the terrible situation, and have not stopped being supportive since.

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