Thursday, March 21, 2013

So what/ Now what?

I had mentioned the Successful Single Mom book that I had read earlier. It really did help a ton! One of the things she mentioned was the "So what/ Now what" principle. I've found this particularly helpful-- and challenging!

My husband did so many horrible things to me and my family. I find my mind wandering to the place of anger as I turn the things in my memory over and over and over again. The point of this principle is to catch yourself thinking of the past, shrug it off, and say "So what? Now what?" Thereby, letting go of these incredibly painful memories, and moving the thoughts on to the plans for my future.

It's difficult, because my human nature wants to fume over how horrible he was. But that is the root of bitterness. I must leave the judgment in God's hands. Really, the opportunity to dream up a future with my daughter is a tremendous blessing! So, today I'm going to share some random dreams that I have thought of. Don't think me silly.

One of my favorite childhood memories is walking to the duck pond to feed the ducks. I cannot wait to take my daughter in hand, walk down to a small body of water, and watch her jump excitedly as she throws in little bits of stale bread.

I look forward to taking her camping, teaching her how to build a fire. I love camping! So this will be quite the adventure!

I can't wait to teach her to cook, and tell her that she and I can cook anything she wants. I imagine I'll be learning with her on some things, but that will be part of the excitement!

I have all sorts of crafts saved on Pinterest. That's wonderful, because I'm excellent at being able to find crafts for 1st graders and older, but younger than that... I need all the help I can get! I've found incredible crafts that will be really inexpensive, so that's exciting!

I can't wait to see her reaction when she first sees the exotic animals at the zoo!

There are so many other dreams I have, but I'll stop here for your sake. I would love to hear the favorite activities that you do with your kids, or the dreams that you have for your kids. Let's dream together!!

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