Monday, March 4, 2013

Money Making apps for Android

This is here with permission of the original poster. The links have not been changed because the author deserves the blessings and gratitude. Thank you for your time and this resource. You know who you are! :)

Coupon /money making apps for Android:
Ibotta, Shopkick, Checkpoints, Viggle , SBTV(SwagbucksTV), Cartwheel
Ibotta you choose what you'll buy out of their list before you go shopping and perform the tasks for each item, and then go shopping at a participating store. Upload a picture of your receipt to get credited. Each item has a price associated with it, typically between $0.50 and $1.00. I consider it an extra coupon, though it gets credited to PayPal or a gift card of your choice. If you use the link, you start with a $2 "newbie" bonus.

Shopkick has points (kickbucks) you earn by clicking through "lookbooks" and clicking on the stars. Once you've unlocked specific stores, you can also earn points by walking into a store with the app on, and scanning allocated items with your app. You can exchange the kickbucks for gift cards. The exchange rate is typically 250 kickbucks for $1, though some things are more expensive to redeem.
Checkpoints has specific stores you “check into” to earn points. Inside each store, you scan specific items to get points, and scanning the items rewards coins you can use to play games and earn even more points. The redemptions vary, but a $1 Amazon gift card is 335 points. A $5 Best Buy gift card is 1,760 points. Bonus code: “newmie”

Viggle is best used with Direct TV, though it can work with other companies. As you’re watching TV, open the app, and it can tell you what you’re watching and reward points accordingly. It won’t let me read the privacy policy, so I have not personally used it. Perhaps someone else can provide details.

Swag Bucks TV is an addendum to the Swag Bucks on your computer. Swag Bucks rewards points for your searches and other things, including watching SBTV (Swag Bucks TV.) This is where the app comes in. You can use your phone to watch SBTV and earn points, but the limit is a $0.50/day. You can exchange the points for various things, my favorite being an Amazon gift card. To begin Swag Bucks on your computer, follow this link: 

Cartwheel is a newer app for Target. Its referral rewards are based on the number of facebook friends who have the app, so it does need to link to your facebook. It has a long list of coupons that you can  stack with Target coupons and Manufacturer coupons to get top deals! Better yet, you can use these "coupons" as many times as you need until they expire! For greater deals, use a Target Redcard to get an additional 5% off your entire purchase. The savings add up!

The links and key words are my personal referral links. You can thank me for my time and this resource by using the links provided. A bonus for you is that most of the referral links give an extra boost to your beginnings

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