Saturday, March 9, 2013

Deep thoughts on roots

My mom, brother and I all worked in the sun yesterday, attempting to uproot some bushes. We trimmed all the branches off, dug around, and tried with all our might to pull them out of the ground. After hours of labor, the only results we were able to acheive were sore muscles. The roots would not come up.

My mind immediately went to various Bible passages that discuss roots, especially Ephesians 3. I spent much of the day thinking about how if we're firmly rooted and grounded in love, nothing will move us. And this of course brought to mind Romans 8. It was a wonderful day filled with God's blessings in my mind.

It was particularly intriguing when my brother said that last year the bushes they pulled were much easier to pull, but that was because the branches were closer together and so were the roots. These bushes branched out, and their roots did as well. It dawned on me that roots grow first, so really, that which the world sees is a reflection of the roots. So, if we are rooted in bitterness, our roots can't spread out and grow, whereas if we are rooted and grounded in love, we can know the love of Christ, which passes knowledge. Our roots will go deep and spread out and people will see the result of a life deeply rooted in God.

I will have to do a word study through the Bible, because verses with the word "root" now have a fuller and clearer picture. It dawns on me that many of the people in Bible times were familiar with agriculture, whereas we're really not. I would love to live like the people did back then for a little while just to deepen my understanding of God's Word.

If anyone knows of a book that talks about their lives and how the Bible references, I am so interested, please let me know!

I do encourage all of you to dig your roots into the Bible, so that nothing can pull you out, even in the worst of circumstances. Happy reading!

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