Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Praying for custody

The prayer for custody for my child is the hardest one for me to pray. This is also the hardest post for me to write. My heart freezes in fear as I think about the possibility of the court awarding joint custody. I think I have alluded to enough throughout the blog to help my readers understand why that would be the worst thing for my daughter. It just can't happen.

I fear that perhaps some of you skip over praying for custody, because you feel it's obvious that the court would decide in my favor. One of my readers thought of me as she was looking around on line, and sent me this link: http://smacarr.blogspot.com/. It seems that the court does not always do what is logical or what is best for the child. As I said, my heart freezes in fear.

Perhaps some of you would say that God would never allow that to happen. God is good! I know that. I also know that horrible things happen every day. Victims of child abuse, rape, and murder can attest to that. I do know that prayers are powerful! Please pray that God will spare my child from a painful young life. Actually, I have specifics you can pray for, if you don't mind.

Prayers for
My heart to be calmed
Me to find the right lawyer
Us to obtain concrete evidence
Us to stand before the right judge
God to lead in the whole situation
Me to be awarded complete custody

I don't know how I could lose custody, except that we live in a fallen world. Your prayers could mean the difference between her safety and her lifetime of pain. Thank you for your prayers! I do so deeply appreciate it!

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