Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Backstory

My life took a dramatic turn a few weeks ago. I discovered my husband was worse than I could have ever possibly imagined. I have since taken this information to officials, and they said to leave the state for my safety and my daughter's well-being. Because of the nature of my husband's actions, I will need a divorce. There is just no other way.

Many people know my story, yet do not know who I am. I would like it to remain that way. Therefore, if you are one of the few who could expose me to the world, please keep it to yourself. I started this because I know many are concerned and would like to offer real prayer. As I have updates to share, I will share them here. Eventually, I hope for this blog to be a place where all mothers can find practical advice from my experiences. Couponing, small businesses, and who knows what else will be represented for public consumption.

I will post weekly updates with prayer requests and updates.

I will eventually think of a pen name. For now, I'm just me, and my daughter is Mine. :)

God bless you for your care and concern!


  1. Praying for you and your daughter at the start of this new journey. May God surround you with the loving support system you need. :)

    1. Meghan, Thank you so much for the extra time you put into telling me that you are praying! It is a real encouragement! And thank you as well for the poetic prayer of support that I do so need! God bless you for your kind thoughtfulness!