Thursday, February 28, 2013

Advice please!

My baby girl is finally getting to sleep much closer to an acceptable time. Instead of 3:30 am, she's nodding off at 9:30 pm. I'd like it to get earlier yet, but this is sooo much better!

Now that we have that taken care of, I'd like to crib train her, but she is not taking to it well at all. When we left state A, I was living with people, and there was no crib or place for her to sleep other than beside me. Besides, she missed her dad and needed the extra comfort. Now, she's used to nursing until she falls asleep beside me. It's really sweet, and I enjoy it, but if I move her to the crib my mom bought for her, she wakes up instantly. I'm afraid we're going to go back to a later bed time if this keeps up.

Those of you who are on that one facebook page, perhaps you could ask the group for me? You can just copy and paste the above paragraph. I don't normally get a lot of responses on my blog. Thanks in advance!

I've tried changing our bed time routine, but she insists on nursing until she falls asleep. And then when I move her... you get the idea. I'm keeping this one short to give you extra time to ponder and respond. Any helpful suggestions are welcome! Thank you!!!

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