Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Watching God work

I briefly mentioned the other day that I was pursuing starting a business. For the best interests of my business endeavors, I'm not going to tell you too much about it until it's actually up and running, but for now, I absolutely must share an amazing story of God working.

I needed to purchase a domain name. A domain name is just a website name. Anyway, I knew what I wanted, and it was available! Like most of us, I saw what I wanted, and I wanted to jump on it. I tried. I placed an order, searched for a promotion code, and applied it. Against all odds, the promotion code actually increased the total amount due. I placed my domain name on hold and called their customer service. While I was receiving what they called customer service, I did a quick search of the company. They had terrible ratings! Reviews were horrible! And with the lady on the phone, I knew why.

I found it on another site. This was a better site and a better rate! Because I had the domain name on hold, I could transfer it to their site for a reduced rate of $11 altogether. That was cheaper than the other place by $4. Ok. Let's go for it! I attempted, and put in my information, but the site didn't take me to my cart. When I finally found my cart, it was empty. At this time, my mom wanted something, so I left it as it was and went to hang out with my mom.

I was feeling somewhat frustrated with the whole ordeal until today. My hold on the domain expired this morning, and this afternoon, I received an email from mypoints stating that I could earn 1,000 points by getting a domain name for less than $5. This was too good to be true, and I jumped on it.

This is such a small thing for God to watch out for, but until it was the best deal, I could not move forward. I had inexplicable problems until God had His best held to me. Perhaps it's true that sometimes God blesses us through things we perceive as hardships, just because we're trying to rush things to fit our schedule.

This fact makes me re-evaluate everything in my life. I think I'll see once more if I can be eligible for free legal aid given the circumstances. Pray that God leads me to His best.

Thank you all!

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