Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pick a state, any state

I've been attempting to figure out my future with my daughter. It's been amusing, to say the least. I've come to the realization that I really don't know what I'll be doing or where I'll be. Here are some examples:

I have that the southeast is the region for me. I despise the cold, so that's an easy one. And I really don't care for the dry heat of the west. Southeast it is! Or so you would think. And yet, my mind has placed us frontiering in Montana and living well in Thailand. But both of those were quickly squelched. Montana is cold, despite the website that said it doesn't get too cold in Montana. I was sure it did, though, so I did some digging. It "only" gets to -20 instead of -60. I can't comprehend either of those temperatures, so that's definitely not for me! And Thailand, aside from it being way too far away, a friend told me it's known for cross-dressing and prostitution. Definitely not where I'd like to raise my little girl.

So, back to the southeast... again. I've thought about every single southeast state for varying reasons. I looked up the best cities to raise a family. Waco, Texas and Virginia Beach, Virginia were both listed. Those could both work. I've seriously looked into the foothills of the Appalachians in Tennessee. But it seemed lonely to be a single mom out there all by myself. So, I think I'd like something a little bigger, but smaller than a large city. That hardly narrows it down. I know people in Florida, and it would neat to move and already be with friends, but I'd have to find a suitable place, and I'm not sure that Florida has the southern charm I'm looking for.

Essentially, I really have no clue where I'll end up. It would be so much easier if I had to be somewhere. I just don't want to move just to move again and again. I'd like to put down some roots somewhere. Feel free to share your suggestions. Until then, maybe I should pin a map of the southeast over a dartboard. It kinda feels like that's what I'm doing. The future is a mystery. I guess I've just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other, but it sure is fun to dream.


  1. I like the idea of pinning a map up and playing darts! lol All jokes aside.... Are you sure you want to move that far away from family? Friends? It would be nice to know someone close like you said in you post. Someone who could help you with your daughter when you need a break. Someone to hang out with, because believe me baby talk is cute, but after a while you NEED adult conversation!! While you're looking into where to move you might check out their government assistance programs to help when you first start out. Each state has different rules so.... just a thought. Something else to think about. You said you didn't want to keep moving so maybe start looking in schools (I know she is too young now) unless you are going to home school. I know it seems impossible to even think about, and I know things are tight, but I like to visit a place and get a feel for it before I move there. Visit the neighborhood, etc.... have you thought about that? Once again just ideas to think about. I would sit down and write a list of everything you need diapers for the month, food, baby food, clothes, toys, gas, bills, etc.... I know it's a LOT to think about but you NEED a plan in place. I would also make a back up plan in case the first one doesn't work. My prayers are with you, and remember that God will ALWAYS ALWAYS provide!!!

  2. Thanks so much for your input! Most of the places I'm looking I have either friends or family in the area. My hope was to start without government assistance aside from WIC, but perhaps it's time to eat humble pie and accept the fact that I may need a lot of assistance. My dream is to teach her at home. I plan to get my teaching certificate as I will be tutoring, so keeping her home shouldn't be an issue unless it's a financial burden. Because I have friends in most areas I'm looking, I have considered asking them to check out neighborhoods for me. But I'm far from ready for that. I have the needs listed out for a flexible budget. Toys aren't on the needs list, and it's down to the very bare minimum. Toys are on the like list, and I do hope to be able to give them to my daughter, but they're not necessary for her survival. That way, I know the very basic that I need to earn to survive, and then if I have extra money, I can begin earning off the want list. If you'd like more information on my flexible budget, you can read the information I posted here: Thanks for caring, as always!