Thursday, March 14, 2013


Friends are ships that sail the seas
Adjusting sails to match the breeze.
Sometimes the ships go separate ways
To oceans, rivers, and to bays.

Although the space is often great,
You never know; you have to wait.
You may just see a sail again
Proclaiming, "Wait! I see a friend!"

I just finished speaking with someone who I haven't spoken to in years. While I reached out to this person in this instance, since I left state A, there have been multiple friends who have reached out to me.

I left state A totally devastated on December 26th. I had a good friend send me a message on Facebook on January 6th. She and I hadn't talked in years. Literally. We've since talked on the phone, laughed, cried, and determined to be a part of each other's lives. Wow! God works!

On March 6th, Another really good friend reached out to me. She and I chatted on Facebook, but she commented how amazing it was that we could pick up and talk like no time had passed, though it has been years. She cried for me, stating that she knows I have a hard time crying through hard times. It was amazing speaking with someone who understands me!

Besides that, there have been a couple people who have really been a part of my life consistently, but they have been an amazing support! And then there's the amazing friendship that formed because she read my blog and sent me an email on February 5th... and we've been emailing almost every day since then. I treasure this and every other friendship I have, and I am amazed that God brought these people into my life right now. He must be doing this because He loves me! The God of the universe cares for me! And cares enough to just send people, because He knows that's what I need.

With that said, if you've considered reaching out, perhaps this is just the nudge you need. And the nudge I need as well. I'm going to branch this beyond myself and spread it to everyone you know. If you have been thinking about reaching out to someone... do it! Set apart a time in the next week to at least wave your sails! May God bless the friendships that bless and enrich our lives!

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