How you can help, if God so leads

Because several people have insisted on helping, I decided to buckle down and think of how. Here is a list of things that I need. I have to state that I am embarrassed asking for help. It is very humbling.

Before you help, you must mentally assent to two rules:
1. Pray for me before you help me here. Prayer is so much more powerful than anything any of you could do! Though, I will appreciate anything that is done for me and my child.
2. Do not help me if it will bring hardship to your family.

*Funds to get us back on our feet
I have set up a Paypal account with the email $5 will get toiletry necessities, $10 will buy my daughter a couple outfits, $20 will give me food for a while, and more will be money in the bank.

*Any ideas for finding students to tutor.

*A shoulder to cry on

*Encouragement in emails

*If you know me personally, call me and get me out of the house if you can. The loneliness is hard.

*Codes for Pampers or Huggies diapers

*I will need the following:
-Baby girl clothes, 12+ months
-Diapers, size 5 any brand
-Baby wipes
-Gatorade for my health
-Stamps for thank you notes
-Coupons, especially for baby things, but really any coupons!

-If you would like, you can make a note in a paypal transfer saying to apply it to the following, or perhaps a friend of mine would be willing to make their address a via point to me. I would personally like to keep my anonymity here. Contact me for the address.


  1. Just an idea to get you and your daughter out of the house. I take my son to story time/ play groups at our local library. Check out what programs they offer. It's a great way to meet moms with kids similar in age. Even if the library isn't the most fun place in the world, I know you love to read, it's getting you out of the house, giving you a chance to meet other moms, and giving your daughter a chance to make friends her age. It's never too early for play groups :-)

    1. I love that idea! I will have to see what my library has! (I don't even know where it is yet!) I think it is truly brilliant! Thank you!