Saturday, October 5, 2013

Health issues galore

It is clear that stress wreaks havoc on our body's systems. Chronic heightened levels of stress have been linked to many health problems, and as I stare at this list, I'm more discouraged than anything. I've dealt with nearly every item on the list since the close of 2012. It's been rough, and my body is taking the beating.

I've had multiple serious health issues, and they seem to be getting worse. While I know some of the health problems stem from how I'm taking care of myself and the fuel I'm burning, I truly believe the greatest source of my growing agony is stress. Do you know how hard it is to not stress about that?

I am taking steps to eliminate stress from my life. This is how:

- I am actively seeking to think more positively every day.
- I am cutting out all forms of negativity that I can. Unfortunately, this has even included avoiding some people I dearly love and losing some clients--and their money!
- I am praying more, and feel closer to Him often. He frequently encourages me with random thoughts and verses. The latest was James 4:2 "You have not because you ask not." More on that later.
- I am reading positive things and I have drastically cut way back on TV time and only watch shows depicting hope and life.
- I am reaching out more in times of need, and allowing people to help me. As I do so, my eyes are opened to how much people care!
- I am re-starting old projects that bring me joy. Take this one for example. There is another one, but as this is an anonymous blog, I dare not share. :)
- I am learning that what I think affects my health, and am practicing II Cor. 10:5 and Phil. 4:8
- I am meditating on God's true and eternal Word, and looking to God for my strength.

Unfortunately, this list does not mean it's all better. In fact, since determining to become more positive, my health has fallen further. This confuses me to the extent that I called a friend to meet with me and pray. You know you have an amazing friend when she's willing to drop everything, drive to meet you, hold your hands and pray. And you know what? That prayer session was powerful! It completely knocked out the worst of my symptoms.

That symptom had been occurring for over a month. For a 2 week period, I was about to run to the ER.  The amazing thing is that it was gone after we prayed, but I am weak and sick. I have a terrible head cold that wraps my brain in pain, and I feel so emaciated, lethargic, and just awful! I ask that you join with me to pray these symptoms away as well. I'm ready to be healthy.

Please join me in prayer for my health and in the continued improvement of my stress levels. I have a long journey ahead of me, though the roughest part seems to be behind me. If you would like to send random happy thoughts my way, that would be a blessing!

God bless!

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