Thursday, May 30, 2013

Work is a blessing

I have work to do. You cannot know how exciting that is! Today, I will be writing articles and tutoring, and I'll get paid to do both. A few months ago, I had no income whatsoever. Now, I am excited to be moving forward.

I find myself musing on the fact that so many people thing work is a curse, but before Adam and Eve ever took part of the forbidden fruit, they were to till the ground and tend the animals. The curse just added weeds, thorns, and other difficulties.

To me, it makes sense that work is part of paradise, and I do believe we will be working in Heaven. I get a sort of satisfaction from making a living. It just feels right. Conversely, when I just sit around, I end up getting depressed, frustrated, and snippy.

The neatest thing about my work is that everything I get paid for I enjoy. I cannot believe that I've found a job where I write and another job where I tutor. It's just too perfect! And I've recently been given a huge honor! I was told just last night that I'm one of the top writers for her company! One of my articles had been featured as an example of how to write a good article. It was about toothpaste, of all things, but she said it was written in a way that conjured emotion. Well, then last night, she sent me an email thanking me for being one of her top writers! There's only one word to describe how I felt: honored. I felt very honored.

I kinda want to tell the whole world, but it's not really good to brag. But it's not really bragging if you don't know who I am, right? So, celebrate with me! I enjoy the work I'm doing, and my boss does, too! It's very satisfying! I pray that each of you can find similar satisfactions.

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