Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all my dear readers who have little ones they have loved, nurtured, and tucked into bed. More specifically, to all those who know what it is to be a mother. To those who know the tug of a heart with the smallest wimper. To those who understand that feeling that only motherhood can bring. The bond between a mother and her child is unbelievable. Today, I celebrate my daughter and I. For, I would not be a mother without her.

She started today by not wanting to go to sleep, except in the comfort of my arms. She is finally sleeping peacefully in her pack and play, but for a while I thought I would not be able to post tonight. She would sleep for a few minutes, and then cry to be held. I would pick her up, soothe her, and gently lay her down. The cycle repeated so many times! I'll admit that it was frustrating at first, until I thought about how much I love snuggling with her. Perspective changes everything.

My daughter is getting to the wiggly age, where it's difficult to change her diaper, and almost impossible to clothe her with all the snaps lined up appropriately. These precious moments of just being together are getting fewer and farther between. I'll happily soak them up as I celebrate motherhood.

My plans for today include going to Ikea for a free breakfast, attending church, and then doing something with my mom, my daughter and I all together. I'm going to let my mom decide what exactly we do, but the zoo is free on Mother's Day, and so is the arboretum with a coupon, so those are possibilities. I also want to schedule a time to get portraits done of my daughter and I together-- I have coupons for that as well. She is growing so fast! I would love to professionally record the start of this new journey where she and I are together alone. It's special, and I want to always be able to look back at just how precious she really is.

I hope all of you have days that are as delightful as I intend to have. I'm praying that all mothers rejoice in their position and their opportunity to raise their children. I'm overwhelmed when I think of everything I must prepare my child for, and all the character qualities I wish to instill in her heart at a young age. Perhaps some of you reading this have wisdom to share. I am ready and willing to receive it.

I do want to share a couple things that melt my heart, though I've shared one before. Just make sure you have tissues ready before you click on the links below, and have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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