Saturday, May 4, 2013

A home church

I mentioned a while ago that I was visiting a church. I am now officially a member. It is actually my favorite church that I have been in. Part of me wonders if it's because I'm going through such a hard time that my whole being craves the serenity, fellowship, and God-centered conversation that can be found at church.

Last week Sunday, I went to church, and got some spiritual refreshment. Things over the next few days were hard. On Monday, I found myself wishing that Sunday would come sooner to help relieve my pain, stress, and loneliness. On Tuesday, I very seriously considered driving to church and just sitting in the pew, but I thought for sure it was locked. On Wednesday, they have an evening service, but I tutor until 7, which is when the service begins. However, despite the fact that I would arrive at 7:40, I determined to go where my fellow Christians were.

It was my first time at a Wednesday night service, and I walked into the sanctuary, but all the pews were empty. The choir was seated in the front, and I sat and let their music soothe my heart. After they were done, I was told that the Wednesday night service is held in a smaller building. I've decided that even though church will be more than half way over, I need that middle of the week encouragement. I think it there were church every day, I'd be there right now.

There's something about gathering together with people who know the power of the Lord that helps to put my struggles and trials into perspective. My situation is more easily viewed in light of God's power, rather than the overwhelming circumstances and puzzles that I must push, plod, and work through throughout the week.

The really neat thing is that everyone has thrown their arms open wide, happily accepting me into the throng. I so need that! It's so good to belong somewhere right now when everything seems so transient and unstable.

I actually officially joined the church only last Sunday. On Wednesday, one of the ladies was holding my daughter, and telling me how delighted she was that I had joined the church. The whole while she was talking to me, she was making faces at my little one, causing her to smile and kick her legs with excitement. I smiled at the lady with a bit of mischief in my eyes, and accused her of being glad that I joined the church just so that my daughter would stick around. Everyone had a good laugh.

It really feels like home there, a place where I can relax, be comfortable, and let my fears and worries rest outside the doors. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that Sunday is here again. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful church. It's home.

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