Thursday, May 23, 2013

The pediatrician (continued)

I'm even more angry at the pediatrician now. I just feel so incredibly frustrated! But, the good news is that I have found another pediatrician in the area. She was recommended to me by a friend, so I trust that much more than a random search.

To update you on the pediatrician:
I have been very careful about what vaccines I give my daughter. I have never had the flu vaccine, and I don't intend to ever get it or give it to my daughter. There are other vaccines that I feel are not necessary. That said, there are others that are necessary in my opinion. I do not think they are bad parents who choose to give their child every vaccine, nor are those who give their children no vaccines bad parents. It is up to the parents to decide, and the parents have a duty to research the subject and do what they feel is right.

I am allergic to a vaccine and my brother was allergic to a couple of them. Therefore, I wanted the vaccines to be given one at a time. By the time she was six months old, she had only had the dtap, because my life fell apart shortly after she was born. I decided I could do two at a time, if the first were proven safe for her. I told my plan to the pediatrician. We agreed to give her the dtap and polio vaccines that visit. I was there as they gave my daughter 2 shots.

As I was switching pediatricians, I called to verify which vaccines she was given. Surprise! Apparently, my little baby was given Hep B and Hem. I don't even know what Hem is! And I was never intending to give my daughter Hep B unless I needed to put her in day care. I feel betrayed. I trusted my daughter in their care, and they went behind my back.

I certainly hope the next pediatrician accepts that I am the mom. Really, how could someone do that??? I am so glad to be out of that woman's clutches! She needs a change of profession, in my opinion!

Overall, I am glad that my girl didn't have any reactions, but I'm just confused about what to do now. I have questions that need answering, and I don't know who to trust. For example, I know Hep B comes in a series. If I just stop the series is that ok? What if I need to start it again later? After all, I may need to put her in day care. And what is this hem???

I sincerely hope that I'll be able to trust this other doctor.

UPDATE:  I called the doctors office to confirm the vaccines. Turns out that it's not hem, but hib. While I don't know exactly what that is, it does seem that it's one I would have opted to give my daughter anyway.

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  1. Hello,
    Hem vaccine is for the chicken pox. I was very upset to find that my kids were given this. I was told that they might still get it, but it wouldn't be as bad as it would be without the vaccine. I had chicken pox, my brother had chicken pox. There is rumor that if you have had it then you have the virus shingles already inside your body, and it can flair up and is very painful! This vaccine is supposed to prevent that from happening or so I'm told. It's very hard to find a good doctor now days! Hep B does come in a series. My oldest was given 4. Most only get 3. My oldest got 1 of his a week too early and was told by the doc office that gave it, he would be fine. Was told later he didn't have all of his even though I had the proof in his records, and even argued that he didn't need another one. I had to end up getting it for him, it was the ONLY way they would let him go to school. Needless to say I was one VERY MAD MOMMA! My husband wasn't very happy when he found out about it either. My oldest has never had the flu vaccine. My youngest has. I tried to tell the doctor that we didn't want it, and he argued with us. My husband finally gave in when the doctor told him that if he were to get the flu, he would likely have to be put in the hospital to prevent pneumonia and/ or death! I still don't buy it. My son still ended up getting sick. And when they are that young they can't give them only one shot. One dose is too strong for their little bodies. They will split it up into two shots given a month apart. My son got sick both times with each dose of his flu shot, and as far as I am concerned he will NEVER get it again! Even if the doctor wants to get a judge involved! I wish you the best of luck with this new doctor. I pray that he / she takes the time to listen to your concerns and treats you like a person,and a mother instead of someone who doesn't know anything about their own child. I HATE when doctors treat me like this, makes me want to smack them and walk out of their office forever!