Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting out of the house

People who spend a great deal of time at work cannot wait to have some quiet time at home. Those of us who spend a great deal of time at home cannot wait to get out of the house. I believe it is truly important for the emotional well-being of the household as a whole that every member gets their break, whether it be inside or outside of the home.

So, today, I am venturing out. I will be doing some grocery shopping and some other shopping. I am most excited about getting a package together for my sister. My husband sent me a bunch of her teas. They need to get back to her, and I'm going to slip in a few special things for her to enjoy.

I am also going to get a free candy bar, and some almost free sunscreen at CVS. If you haven't heard about the drugstore game, I highly recommend looking into it. Money Saving Mom is an excellent resource for all your couponing needs, and the drugstore game is no exception. Last week I got paid to buy nail polish, and I got 3 jumbo packs of diapers for $6. Don't be too impressed, the jumbo pack is the small one.

I really enjoy couponing, especially when it grants me something I need for an incredible price. If I had coupons for Jergen's lotion, I would be making money buying it. As it is, I'll be paying a minimal amount.

After all my venturing, I believe my itch to be out of the house will be scratched, and I can sit at home again. I hope that those of you who need a break will be able to get one soon. Meanwhile, I hope you find joy doing that which the Lord has called you to.

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