Saturday, February 23, 2013

A picture of Christ and the Church

Marriage is wonderful. It is one of those things that little girls dream of and men prepare for their whole lives. It is intended to signify Christ and the church. Christ, the loving leader, guides the church and the church looks to Christ for direction and wisdom. Christ leads the church with grace, kindly chastening the church for mistakes, and lovingly demonstrating the love He has for the church, as broken as it may be.

When a man abuses his power, he destroys the beautiful imagery God intends. The same goes for a woman. Either the husband or the wife can take their position and use it to demonstrate the power and authority they feel they deserve. A godly marriage will be both members denying themselves, not lifting themselves up.

If you have a good husband or a good wife, I encourage you to do everything you can to foster a Christ-likeness in your home. Reverence the husband; cherish the wife. Do what you can to ensure that your marriage is a living testimony of Christ and the church.

Do not take your husband or wife for granted. I wish I had thought to write this on Valentine's Day, but then, on reflection, a marriage relationship should be fostered every day of the year. If you didn't take extra effort to show your spouse how much you care, you could consider doing so today.

Leaving a relationship of abuse and fear has caused me to realize how very wrong things were, and how much different a good relationship could be. Is your relationship all it could be? Just some food for thought. :)

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