Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Wednesday

Hello all!

Thank you for your patience as you waited for me to continue writing as promised. Today has been insane! But, my daughter is napping, so I thought I'd jump on and give an update before I continue. I was actually out of town for a few days, and returned to find several packages waiting for me. If you sent a package I have two words for you: THANK YOU!!!

One of the packages was a little x-box box that was stuffed with more clothes than I thought possible! My little girl will be well-taken care of! There was another package that had a book of really great encouragement as well as two pairs of pants. And someone was thoughtful enough to send an envelope of coupons as well. It is so incredible to see that God is providing for every little detail that we need. My precious baby has so many clothes now, and I am so very grateful. :) Thank you to those who have helped!

I hope all of you have read up on my latest happy news about the incredible lawyer God has blessed me with! Please continue to pray that God will provide the money soon. There is a reason for time-sensitivity, but I am choosing to keep it quiet. Please pray that the funds come in... soon!

I have tons to do, and today has been not so great, so I'm going to keep this short and get to work. Thank you all for your prayers! Each prayer is a blessing! I cannot imagine how many blessings I am receiving. :)

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