Friday, February 15, 2013

All things for good

I have had a difficult few years, the worst being sine December. At times the weight of my trials crushed my heart, and the sadness darkened my eyes. I really needed encouragement, and for that I prayed. God truly does answer prayers, and He answered this one in a big way!

Two days ago, I found an amazing lawyer. She was able to work out a plan that completely put my mind at ease! The amazing thing is that it should now be an uncontested divorce! YAY! If you haven't read it yet, then you really should. It's one of those turnpoint moments that changes everything!

Then I received an email stating that I may be given a job that would really help me earn the money towards the impossibly large $2,500. I know that God can and will provide, and I know I'm not the only one praying. I have complete confidence that I will have the money in His timing. For that reason, I am already stating this as Him working it for good, and in the coming weeks, I'll tell you how.

My daughter grew seemingly overnight, and we went from making it with 5 or 6 outfits that fit her to 2 outfits that fit her, and the others are kinda tight. Like hard to put on her tight. God has amazing timing! A reader sent a package of clothes for my daughter. The expected delivery date was today, and though I have not received it yet, I still know that God is providing in His perfect time.

Now's the biggie. I was discussing with someone about waiting on God. I tried so long to have a child. I vividly remember the pain of a miscarriage, and then the attempt for almost 2 years until I discovered the happy news that I was with child. I wanted so badly to have a child in my time. Had I been pregnant when I wanted to be, my little girl would have been 2, and leaving her father would be so much more difficult, and who knows if she would have been more directly affected by his sins. The thought absolutely chills my heart. If I had known who my husband was going to turn out to be, then I would have certainly waited. In fact, I wouln't have wanted any children with him. I am so glad I have my daughter, and so glad that she is still so very young. Truly God knows best.
I love being able to look at things even in the midst of this horrible situation! God is at work, and working all things for good and His glory! What an amazing God I serve! I pray that He is your God, too, because He does wonders!

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