Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Restraining orders

Update: My sister got her restraining order! Thank you all for your prayers!

Though this is an anonymous blog, I am choosing to say very little here for my sister's privacy.

My sister has court on Wednesday, because she needs a restraining order against my husband. He has done horrible things to her, culminating in admitting to being tempted to rape her. He is excusing everything he has done, and even excusing his temptations of rape. She had been living with us, but moved out in December. He has no clue where she is, but he was asking for her location for weeks and said we were trying to keep her from him. (duh!)

While he has done terrible things, I don't know how much proof she has. I will not feel that she is safe unless she has a restraining order. Please pray that she was able to acquire the proof she needs and that the court will rule in favor of a restraining order.

Please also pray that the court will rule in such a way as to make the custody hearing a breeze and an easy step.

Finally, my husband excused the thoughts of rape by saying he thought about rape, but he didn't actually rape her, so he's fine, much like he's been thinking about killing himself, but he would never do it so he's not suicidal. Rather than making me feel better, I am now worried about his safety from himself. I alerted someone about his statements, and I am praying for his safety. Please join me.

Essentially, my sister, my husband, my daughter, and I all need prayers for safety from my husband.
Your prayers are appreciated!

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