Monday, February 25, 2013

A bold new life ahead!

I found a mobile home community where each mobile home sits on a half acre. It is a community of families and a safe place to raise my child. They have an adult pool, a kiddie pool, a tennis court, basketball court, community garage sales, and so much more! It's 2 miles from a mall, and all of this is nestled inside a quaint little town, but it's 30 minutes from a big city. Doesn't that sound perfect? Just wait... it gets better!

My husband will have to pay child support and alimony that will just barely cover the mobile home. All the other expenses will be mine, including utilities, car stuff, groceries, etc. After 8 years, I will own the mobile home and only have to pay the lot rent, which is currently set at $336/month. Well, I'll have all my other expenses, of course.

It all seems doable assuming I can find enough children to tutor. I also intend to do a bunch of little things to earn money. I'm thinking my gift requests for those 8 years will be a gas card so that I can go to the city.

The best part is that I've already found 2 churches close to the community that I would like to check out. I'm having a hard time finding one near me here. Well, I found one downtown, but it's a 40 minute drive, and that's eating up my lawyer money. And just think, there are two that I want to look at there!

I can't wait to go visit! It's exciting, and I really cannot wait to go and start this bold new life! My daughter and I in a quaint little town living in safety! Did I mention that I can't wait?  :)

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