Thursday, February 14, 2013

A job opportunity!!!

Please pray! I have a job listed under the prayer requests tab. I would be writing for a blog about a subject I love: couponing! I would write 8 articles per month and get $250/month. That would certainly help with the lawyer fees!

Well... today she contacted me! She asked for another example of my work, so I sent it to her, and she said she'd consider it. So while she's considering, please be praying. Please pray that she chooses me over all the other applicants. There were 150 of them to begin with, so the fact that I'm still in the running now is hugely encouraging!

If I get the job, I will jump on here and let you all know ASAP, even if that means that you'll be getting 2 posts in one day. :) So much good news lately! I really feel like things are looking up! Thanks to everyone for your prayers, and I will keep you posted. Short update today, because my excitement is making it difficult to focus. :D

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