Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My life explained-- the here and now

I received an outpouring of love yesterday! Two emails offering encouragement, prayer, and offers of assistance, lots of page views here, and promises of prayer posted on a Facebook page. I cannot thank you enough. On that Facebook page, there was some confusion regarding my current situation. I hope to clear that up. As always, feel free to email me at However you choose to contact me, I will always view your questions as a loving request to help you pray for me better. I'll never turn you away.

First question: Did she get full custody of her daughter?
Unfortunately, I'm at a stand-still in the divorce. I'll explain that at the end, but I can't be awarded custody until I can file for divorce. I'm at a scary time of just waiting. My least favorite 4 letter word: wait!

Second question: Is this the same person you posted about awhile ago...the one whose husband was having sexual problems? Just want to pray more specifically!
First of all, thank you so very much for your prayers! The fact that you even asked that tells me that you've been praying all along, and that just warms my heart! And yes, it's still me. :)

I do have a prayer requests tab, and within that are current prayer requests that will also help you see where I am in this whole mucky mess.

As of right now, I cannot move forward with the divorce. My husband told me on Christmas that he was tempted to rape my sister. On December 26th, I was on a plane headed to my family. Unfortunately, I had no family in state, and after his earlier comments about my daughter, I had to get her out of there! I'll call the state my husband is in state A and my mom's state is state B. That should help clear up some confusion.

I left state A in a rush and flurry of emotions. I came to state B intending to file for a divorce right away, but I need to be a resident of state B for 6 months first and it will be insanely expensive. I considered returning to state A, especially given the fact that I would be granted free legal assistance, but state A requires in-state counseling. I would do it, but my husband will likely need to move from state A in a few months, so state A isn't possible until I know where he is living. Once he is settled, I can go to whichever state he is in to file a divorce. Until then, I'm stuck waiting.

I do have my daughter with me, and that is huge! I get to laugh with her, deal with her teething, cure her diaper rashes, and love her to pieces! I so want complete custody of her, but I am so afraid that it just won't happen. I wrote a post about that. You can read it here:

If any of you do ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I so appreciate your prayers! Thank you all so much!

P.S. My sister is going to court today for the restraining order. Please do keep her in your prayers as well.

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  1. Just an idea to speed things up you can apply for emergency residency. I am sure if you tell a judge what is going on, they will understand. Praying for you, and you sister.