Thursday, January 31, 2013

"I'm here"

"I'm here!" These are the words I seem to be hearing time and again from a Father Who cares.

One day while pushing my daughter's stroller through a store, she started fussing. I told her, "I'm here, my child! Can't you tell I'm here? The wheels are turning and we're moving." I stopped right there-- literally stopping in my tracks. It was a huge realization to me, and I could imagine God saying the same thing to me. "I'm here! Can't you tell I'm here? The wheels are turning and we're moving." Despite the fact that my divorce is at a stand-still, I can tell you of a surity that God is working in my life.

My daughter is growing at an amazing rate! She's healthy-- What a blessing! Yet what a load of clothes to replace! And God provides. An amazing reader is giving me her daughters' old clothes. I can't tell you what a blessing that is!

I had been stressing about not having income to speak of. After I gave it to God, I got a job assignment. I have now completed my first job on, and I just got paid! It may be only $30, but I have a foot securely placed inside the door.

I got another offer to work, but declined it because I would be writing about witch craft. Initially, I felt that I did the right thing, but part of me regretted turning down money. After careful review of the Bible, I know I did the right thing, and I know God will bless!

I have friends and family here to support me. Beyond that is the fact that my God is clearly showing me that He loves me, He's here for me, and He has taken a personal charge in my case.

By the way, Happy Birthday to me! =)
I'm not sick for my birthday and I have all my work done. Today is surely going to be a good day!

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