Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Divorce, the hot topic!

Hello all!

I have read the Bible my whole life, but I must say that every day I read it, there are new things inside that I had never read before. I've been really struggling about leaving my husband. I know I'm doing what's right in God's eyes. I have verses that support it, but the reason I'm leaving hasn't been the infidelity, but the abusive nature. And that's what I struggled with. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that it is ok to leave an abusive marriage and get a divorce. I felt sure that God wanted me to do what I was doing. After all, if a woman marries a man, and he goes way beyond abusive and starts seeking her life, is she supposed to just deal with it, submit to it, and raise her kids in that environment. I don't think so. So, why doesn't the Bible address it? And why doesn't the church support women like me?

A friend of mine knows almost everything I've been going through. She used to pray with me about my husband changing, but she knew very little about the situation. It wasn't until I decided I had to leave that I finally got the courage to tell her everything. Because she and I had been praying for my husband to change, I expected deep reproach and judgment. Far from it! She has totally been there for me! She even sent me a link to something she had come accross. Little did she know how very much I've been wondering about this very thing.

The article is called A Biblical Response to the Abused Wife and you can read it here:

After reading the long article, I truly felt like God cares about my situation. He is there for me and I am safe. Thank you all for your prayers, because as I told God how wonderful He is being to me, I included all of you and your prayers in my blessings. He truly is taking amazing care of me. We serve an amazing God! He loves us! The God of the universe loves YOU! When I consider that, I just feel small and oddly cherished. God will work all things for our good and His glory. That's the promise, and therein lies the confidence.

I'm praying for each of my readers tonight. May you see God bless your life as He is blessing mine. May He heal whatever needs to be healed. Thank you all for being "there."

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