Thursday, January 24, 2013

Out Sick

My dear prayer warriors,

I am sick. Like, really sick. I feel awful! Because I need to devote my energies to my daughter, I'll be away until I feel better. Perhaps you'd consider catching up on things you've missed, or at least visiting the prayer request page while I'm away. I could really use your prayer. In fact, please pray that I feel better by my birthday. Perhaps that seems selfish, so I'll explain.

On Christmas day, I discovered that my husband wanted to rape my sister. Needless to say, I didn't have a very merry Christmas. I've been hoping to celebrate my birth and my life, despite how it turned out. I really don't want to get news like that on Christmas, and be sick for my birthday. I want to feel happy and healthy and like everything is going to turn out ok. Anyway, enough of that!

Getting better will be quite the feat. I have POTS, which means I feel a ton and a half worse than the normal person. I get dizzy more easily, dehydrate way too easily, and it takes forever to get better! God is bigger than all that, so pray, please!

I will return when I feel better, and let you know how my birthday went. Until then, thank you so much for all your prayers and support! I love reading emails and comments! I have the best prayer warriors ever!

Just Me


  1. Hope you and little miss are feeling better. :)

  2. Thank you so much for that wish for our health. I'm feeling so much better! Near 100%. My little one is teething, so that will be a while yet. Thanks for being a loyal prayer warrior! It means so much to me!