Thursday, January 24, 2013

A wonderful mother

My goal through all of this is to be a wonderful mother for my child. I'm sick today, and my mom is totally there for me. She is showering me with sweetness, running to the store, excusing my little mistakes, and doing everything in her power to make sure I'm taken care of. I hope to be as wonderful to my little girl when she gets sick.

I also want to raise her to be respectful, kind, and yet have a backbone to defend herself. I want her to be willing to submit herself to authority without making herself a door mat. I want her to find a man who will treat her the way a husband should treat his wife.

I imagine living in a house with her as years go by. I so want to give her everything she desires, because she won't have a father in the home. Yet, that would be a great disservice, and would only spoil her rotten.

I fear making every-day decisions alone, without the balance of a partner. No one to lean on in the hard times. I had better make sure I'm leaning hard on God! May He give me the wisdom to be both a mother and a father to my baby girl. I hope I will be a good enough mother that I may teach her to love the Lord.

I have to wonder if other people feel this sense of responsibility when it comes to their children. I imagine they do. If you do, tell me about the steps you have taken to assure that your children grow up to be good men and women.

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