Saturday, January 19, 2013

A day of fun and answered prayers

My apologies for not writing yesterday. My brother saw my loneliness, stress, and the way I kept waffling towards depression. He took me out for a much-needed day of fun.

We went to a store to get more clothes for my little girl at wonderful prices! Eighteen outfits and a bouncer for not quite $40! I was happy!
Then we came home and played Monopoly twice. Currently we're tied. He smoked me the first game, and I smoked him the second. I feel a re-match coming on eventually.
Then we watched Ice Age.

It was a wonderful day, but my little girl decided it wasn't quite good enough. To top it all off, she rolled over to her stomach, and back to her back! I cheered, happy to see that she is still growing healthy and strong despite all the changes in her life.

Today, I am actually going to go look at some job opportunities! I am meeting with some people today about a direct-selling company. Which one will come later.

I did get a job on Elance, though! I'll be mostly proofreading and editing, though there may be some writing along the way. Writing has always been my passion, so I'm excited to get paid for it! I'll get roughly $600/month with that job! Not bad, if you ask me!

Pray that God keeps providing. Because the amount that I will owe the lawyers is a big unknown, I keep feeling that I need to earn and save as much as possible. And I probably do. Some of the local lawyers charge $1,000 per hour! (OUCH!)  I am trying my hardest to use this period of waiting in order to make the next step much easier.

I figure that if I can earn enough to pay the lawyers, then after the divorce I should still be earning a steady paycheck, and it may even be enough to move out on my own! I am so very excited! I love watching God put all the pieces together!


  1. I am so happy you finally were able to relax for a day and have some fun! You NEEDED it :-)

  2. I sure did! My brother was absolutely incredible! I don't think I'll ever be able to tell him how much that meant to me! Thanks so much for your prayers!