Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A praise, a bigger praise, and a huge praise

Our God is so good! Thank you all for your prayers! They worked! I am feeling better. I still have the very occasional dizzy spell, but I am a-ok. This is remarkable! Normally when I am that sick, I am sick for 2-3 weeks, and don't get better until I get rehydrated through IVs in the hospital. I actually tried something new this time. They're Gatorade pro series electrolyte packets. If you take 4 of them and mix them in a liter of water, it's the same as having an IV. Or so I heard from a friend who heard it from her doctor. Before I got sick, I drank 3/4 of a liter of this stuff. It tastes nasty! But I'm amazed that I did so well! No trip to the hospital! So worth it. The only two drawbacks of this stuff are the taste and the cost. They are quite pricey! But if it keeps me out of the hospital, it's so worth it! Especially since I'm a single mom. I figure paying $25 for 18 of these .04 ounce packets is worth it if it keeps me healthy.

I shared the success with a POTS page on Facebook. One of the girls said she had bought 3 boxes of them, and couldn't stand the stuff! She made a comment wishing she could send them to me. I told her that if she was serious, I'd pay the shipping! So, I have 3 boxes of this wonderful awful stuff coming to me for just the cost of shipping, though I plan to round to the nearest $10 for her generosity.

So, my health is the praise, the packets for so cheap are the bigger praise, now onto the huge praise! I have work! I was hired to write 10 articles in a week. I'm getting paid $40. That probably sounds like the worst return ever, but I'll explain. I'm just beginning freelance writing. This is my first job, and my "boss" really likes my work. He's been recommending me to other people looking for authors, and I have been invited to apply to 3 separate writing assignments today! On top of all that, I have 2 tutoring jobs lined up! Word of mouth is the fasted way to grow in both of these businesses, so I'm just tickled pink!

God is working out all the details. To be honest, as I was sick, I was getting rather discouraged about work. I was beginning to despair. Then, I gave it all to God. See what happened? I gave it all to God and He turned around and gave me writing assignments and tutoring jobs. Perhaps it's not much right now, but my schedule is getting full with taking care of my little one, writing professional articles, and tutoring students. And my faith is back where it belongs. :)

For your benefit, the freelance site I'm working through is www.Elance.com. I found the tutoring jobs through www.wyzant.com. I have a referral link to it that will give me points. Email me if you'd like it. I pray that all of you experienced God's blessings this week as I have. I also hope and pray that each of my readers are healthy. It's really no fun being sick.

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