Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My favorite 4 letter word

I told you all that I would write one post each day. So, here we are on January 15th! Can you believe January's almost over already???

I have been thinking about everything a lot, and this is what I have come up with: hope!

When life is shattered pieces
That scatter as they fall,
The nail-scarred hands of Jesus
Will catch them one and all.

The slivers reunited,
A better canvas laid
The dark contrasts the brightness
In the bold new life He's made.

I love to write poetry! :)

Anyway, truly, looking at my future if I had chosen to stay with my husband is bleak, and looks like my daughter would be scarred for life, and I would be stuck in a horrible situation. Every person I talk to says how proud they are that I am taking steps to protect my daughter's lifelong safety. Some days I feel that everyone would do as I am doing, and other days, I just feel overwhelmed with everything. Today is one of those days, so I am choosing to take today and dream about my daughter's and my new life.

It will be a life without fear, built upon the foundation of God's love and sacrifice. We will likely have a very humble home, but God blesses the humble. We won't have a lot of money, but we will be richly blessed by a good church. I may be a single mom, but it's better than being in the situation I was in! My daughter will not be harmed! That is the greatest blessing of all!

I pray that today I can focus on God, and not on the waves.

I did receive a message from someone stating that she would be willing to be a contact person for me. If I handed out this person's name and information, you could contact her about sending cards to me, how you can help, and she would forward the things she receives to me. Would that be of interest to anyone?

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