Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A funny story

I wrote in an earlier post that a mobile home seems to be a good solution for me. Well, I was looking around online to verify that it was possible to get a mobile home in a good location around here. Some of the sites require you to fill out a "contact me" form before you can look around. Ok, whatever. I'll fill it out. he he

I got a phone call, and the man had a strong Italian accent. He said he was from such and such company and they had-a received my-a interest.

I told him that my finances weren't in a good place right now, and wouldn't be for quite some time.

Him: Oh, I'm-a so sorry! I know it-a must be hard! People don't-a know, but I've had the hard times, too. My name is Mario. The website has-a my cell phone-a number. You can-a call any time. Sometimes people just need-a to talk, and I'm-a good listener.

Me: Thank you, but I'm alright. I have an amazing God and lots of friends and family who are really supportive right now.

Him: I'm-a glad you have that! Most people, they don't-a have what-a you have.... Your voice sounds like you are a young-a woman. You sound-a like you are a young and strong-a woman.... I just-a know you will move into my community one-a day.

Me: (I don't think so!) Well, thank you for your time.

Him: Good-a-bye beautiful.

I called a friend and we laughed about it so hard! he he!

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