Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Yesterday, I posted about having had this desire to return to an abusive situation. I have a friend praying that my desire will change, at least until my husband gets his heart right. I honestly didn't know how I could change what I wanted. But, as always, God provides!

Every girl I knew growing up, including myself, looked forward to the day that she would be treasured forever more by the love of her life. I was desperately wishing I could be treasured today. That the man I married would love me more than any other girl in the world. That he would value me and treasure me. I felt vulnerable and lonely as my heart yearned for that which I did not receive. And then determination set in. I am not going to let that man back into my life until I am convinced he treasures me!

I got to thinking about how God treasures me, not for what I do, say, or how I look, but just because I'm His. Oh, to be treasured like that by a husband. To not be valued by appearances, actions, or words, but valued just for being me. Perhaps one day, I will know what that is.

I want to challenge those readers who are not yet married. Hold out for a man who will treat you right! So many girls fall for love rather than falling for a man. Wait until you know that he will treasure you, love you, and commit your marriage to God.

Remember that he's treating you best while you're dating. If he's not treating you well now, it's highly unlikely that he'll turn around with the addition of a wedding vow. In fact, I have never heard of that happening. If he's got a temper that comes close to snapping, walk away. You may think that you'll have it all under control. You think that the first time he hits you, you're gone! That's what I thought. It eventually got so bad that I went to the hospital for a suspected broken bone! And I still didn't leave! If you can see yourself needing to separate in the future so you don't get hurt, then you need to spare yourself the pain and never marry the man.

I say all this because you, my dear reader, are a woman who should be treasured. Don't settle for anything less. Marriage is to be a picture of Christ and the church. Find a man who will love you and demonstrate it in a godly fashion. No woman should have to live through abuse and the emotional turmoil of being married to a man who does not treasure her. Take a stand with me-- let us say together that we will not unite with a man unless he can treasure his girl! May we each get to live out those childhood dreams and know what it is to be treasured! May we settle for nothing less.

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