Sunday, April 14, 2013

God provides!

I have been praying so hard that God would provide some things, and on the top of that list was a car. I was pleading for God to provide a car! I had access to my parent's cars when they were available, but I had already had to turn away income opportunities because there was no available car. Beyond the necessities, it really is nice to go where you want to go when you want to go there. I finally have that flexibility. God does provide, sometimes from the least expected places.

My husband mentioned to me one day that he would like to buy me a car. I turned him down. He asked if he got approved for the credit, could he move forward with it? Well... ok. A couple friends talked me into it. It is wonderful having wise and godly friends!

I spent all day yesterday at the dealership. I had seen a car online that I wanted. It was a fantastic deal, and I was excited. As I drove it down the road, it just felt like my car. It was made for me. We returned to the dealer, and the man told me how much the monthly payments would be for a car that was $22,000. I sat in shock. That was not my car! My car was considerably cheaper! I showed them the car I had seen online, and my dealer got the manager. I felt very much like they had pulled a bait and switch. I was not happy. After a long talk, he decided to give me an amazing deal.

I am now driving a brand new car that cost much less than the used car I test drove. That means I have a full warranty, so if anything breaks on the car while I'm counting pennies in the next few years, it's all covered. Bumper to bumper warranty.

Wait! Did I really just write that paragraph??? I cannot believe how this turned out. All I can do is look to God in wonder and adoration. Is this how much my God cares for me?

I now look very differently at the list of needs I have saved on my computer. They used to overwhelm me. They now excite me! Is there anything too hard for the Lord? I dare say there is not.

I needed a special blessing. Things have been interesting to say the least. I now daily drive the gift of His grace. While my hands hold the steering wheel in the car, I have determined to let God sit in the driver's seat of my life. Obviously, He knows my needs better than I do. Obviously, I serve a God who cares for me to bless me above and beyond anything I can imagine. Praise be to the God who cares to provide again and again.

Ephesians 3:14-21

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