Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oops. Life got busy.

So... I have not written in quite some time. I am encouraged to see that I have faithful readers. I'll let you know what's been happening.

I have a tutoring job! It's 3 lessons each week, and I receive $20 per lesson. That makes it close to $300/month! With the freelance writing, I also receive $75 each month. Finally, a school contacted me about substitute teaching, and they will pay $75 each day! Unfortunately, the car situation is getting tougher. There was supposed to be a car available at all times, and I was told I would be free to use it, but circumstances beyond anyone's control caused the availability of a car to be somewhat less available.

I have determined to view this as a blessing. The city I live in now is considered one of the most dangerous in this region. If I am unable to really establish roots in this city, then I won't be tempted to stay. I will be a single mom with a daughter, and I want to live in an area where I feel confident that people won't take advantage of the situation. If you know of a safe and inexpensive neighborhood in the Southeast, I'm all ears!

I have been considering asking the local church if they have a car I can borrow until mine gets here, which could be as late as September. Some have asked why I can't drive it, but there is a big body of water in the way. It's just not possible. Hmm... perhaps I'll have a "your questions answered" session.

There have been some wonderful things that happened! I received my first "baby kisses" the other day. My daughter is such a cutie! I just melt as she presses her slobbery lips against my cheek. She hasn't figured out that her lips are supposed to be closed, but that's part of the cuteness factor!

We're battling a diaper rash and she's getting closer and closer to teething. I keep thinking that they're gonna pop through any day now, but they're still little bumps of gum. I will let you know when they do finally pop through.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your prayers, and how blessed I am to be a part of the family of God. Thanks for sticking with me through this. I need lotsa support and I appreciate every one of you. May God bless you for your time, prayers, and thoughtfulness.

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