Monday, July 29, 2013


Yesterday, as I was getting my daughter ready and heading out the door, it dawned on me that she and I were going to church as a family. The thought warmed my heart as I strapped her into the car seat. I walked into the church with people greeting us (Ok... greeting my little one mostly) and I felt uniquely satisfied. I feel blessed that God has given me the peace that just me and my daughter makes a family. Although it's not the family I would have liked, it is one that I love! I know God has special plans for our little family, and I pray He grants me wisdom as I lead my little girl. A lifetime of adventures await us!

For now, though, I am most excited about finding a home of our own. It's a little tiny one bedroom apartment that will be mine to decorate and make into a home. For the first while, it will be a very humble home as I await the shipment of my goods from overseas. After all, why buy a table and chairs when I'll be getting mine?

I will need some basic things to tide me over, but I plan to ask for loaners from friends and seek super deals. I don't think I'll make it without some basic kitchen equipment, cleaning supplies, and other such things. I won't move in for another month, so it gives me a full month to start seeking incredible deals.

I know God will provide. I actually got a Facebook message as I was telling this from a friend asking if I wanted some little baby girl clothes. So, my daughter will be clothed for the fall with clothes I did not buy. The rest of the home will fall together. God has a way of knowing what I need. I trust in Him.

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  1. I am very happy to read that you found a home. God will provide. He always has, and he always will. Even when the future seems unclear, God already knows the outcome. I am so happy that you have faith and trust in him to provide yours and your daughters needs. And YES you two are a little family, and I applaud you for it! Being a single mother is hard work. I watched my mother go through it. And you are doing and AMAZING job! *HUGS*